Oneiro – Book II – Gauntlet


The Oneiro Saga relentlessly advances.

Philip Carr returns to Oneiro. Oneiro is much changed, much evolved, as has Phil. His unique abilities are now formidable indeed. The QAVL have transferred millions of pages of fascinating information to Oneiro and mankind strides the threshold of cosmic citizenship. Phil may help discover the ultimate answer to existence itself.

Astounding preparations are well underway to proceed with the human element in cosmic understanding, when a beautiful past love intercedes. The result: A worldwide frenzy. An uprising that dwarfs any event in human history.

A time for impossible questions. Dangers and unknowns abound from within and without. Proceed? Disclose? Live? Die? All scenarios are no win. Oneiro itself becomes a pawn in mankind’s struggle to learn itself.

Phil reticently holds the very future of mankind for millennia to come.


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