Oneiro – Book I – Anumen


Mr. Philip Carr, good looking, fortyish, the product of a turbulent and multifarious youth, has nonetheless managed to achieve a superb education and develop a formidable strength of character. His education combined with his unique skills were advancing him to the top of his profession, lots of money, women, traveling the world from a comfortable base in Manhattan – when he was called to an unnamed Greek island, by some very prominent industrialists, briefed by his law firm only that a great deal of money was involved.

At the island he was made a most generous offer to assume the presidency of the island, as well as chancellorship of the island’s university. After an intensive familiarization, Phil finds himself in awe of the university, its staff, objectives and its achievements; and subsequently accepts the position. Some of Phil’s unique talents immediately come to the fore. He begins to act as a sort of catalyst, or accelerator of events and developments. Phil also discerns the island’s rather credulous academics are unaware forces are militating against them to either terminate, or appropriate the stunning technology already in evidence, and advancing at an astonishing rate as the plot develops.

Phil is challenged with mastering the advanced skills and arcane knowledge of the island while likewise engaged in a vicious secret struggle with persons both known and unknown to maintain the safety and secrecy of the island. Both efforts have a profound effect on Phil. Some of these effects are wondrous, others are horrific. Many are saved. Many die.

The book features science, philosophy, politics, history, religion, drama, action and even a bit of mystery against a backdrop of “hard” science fiction, supported by a substantial body of background research. Oneiro was designed to be plausibly medium to fast paced, credible and meaningful, but not without a sprinkling of fun and humor. Despite its broad diversity, it flows in a cohesive and straightforward presentation. The objective being to entertain the reader with a satisfying story, illuminated with some interesting new perspectives and concepts.


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